RQG: LimitRowsExamined Transformer

Май 8th, 2013 | Posted by elenst in MariaDB | Pensieve | Testing

There are many things in RQG for which it’s not obvious what they do by a quick look. It becomes especially embarrassing though when those are things that you developed yourself; so, I’ll try to keep track of those at least, and maybe add some records for legacy components when I can.

The LimitRowsExamined transformer checks whether the original query already contains a ROWS EXAMINED clause. If it does not, it adds the clause either after the LIMIT clause, or at the end of the query. In any case (even if ROWS EXAMINED was already there), the transformer returns the following sequence of statements:

* the query with ROWS EXAMINED
* a query which sums up status variables related to examined rows

The result of the main query is checked to be a subset of the original query’s result set. The sum of status variables is checked to be not greater than the limit provided in the ROWS EXAMINED clause, plus a margin. The margin is configured in the transformer.

Some more information at https://kb.askmonty.org/en/rqg-extensions-for-mariadb-features/

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