Building sysbench 0.4

Февраль 17th, 2014 | Posted by elenst in Pensieve | Testing

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Get correct library and include paths by running mysql_config from the MySQL/MariaDB package that you want to use for building sysbench.

If there are two paths returned, like in MariaDB 5.5, the one where mysql.h sits seems to work well.

To link dynamically, run
./configure --with-mysql-libs= --with-mysql-includes=

To link statically, run
./configure --with-mysql-libs= --with-mysql-includes= --with-extra-ldflags=-all-static

Copy libtool from the system to the sysbench dir, otherwise it is likely to fail:

cp `which libtool` ./
ls -l ./libtool


sysbench/sysbench --version

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